Dated: 11-04-2016


Inviting quotations for printing Stationary for the year 2016-2017. Last Date 26th April 2016

 [In Sealed Envelope] by post only.

Examination answer sheet 4 pages                                                                               Per 1000

Examination answer sheet 8 pages                                                                               Per 1000

Examination answer sheet 12 pages                                                                              Per 1000

Progress Cards Secondary                                                                                            Per 100

Staff Attendance register leger paper                                                                           Each

Cash Book Ledger Paper Lether binding                                                                      Each

Birthday Cards & Greeting Cards                                                                                 Per 100

Examination Question Paper one side                                                                          Per 100

Examination Question Paper Both sides                                                                      Per 100

Merit Certificate Multicolour 250 gsm                                                                          Each

Registration form 4 Pages                                                                                             Each

School Based Evaluation Certificate                                                                             Each

Envelop Covers 10 x 4                                                                                                 Per 1000

Envelop Covers 9 x 4                                                                                                   Per 1000

Envelop Covers 6 x 4                                                                                                   Per 1000

Grade Slips                                                                                                                   Each

C.C.A. Record Primary                                                                                                 Each

C.C.A. Record Secondary                                                                                             Each

Student Calendar 110 Pages 60 gsm Maplitho paper with multicolor title                    Each

Vidyalaya Patrika B/W 70 GSM Maplitho Paper                                                           Each Page

Messages 130 gsm Art Paper Multi Colour Printing                                                      Each Page

Title 250 gsm Art Card Multi Colour Printing With Lamination                                    Each Page

Invitation cards both sides printing 300 gsm card                                                        Per 100

Progress Cards Primary                                                                                                Per 100

Results register                                                                                                              Each

Vidyalaya Brochure Multi colour 250 gsm card                                                           Each

Invitation Pamplets 1/8 Size                                                                                          Per 1000

Teacher dairy Primary                                                                                                  Each

Teachers dairy Secondary                                                                                            Each

Student Attendance registers Ledger Paper                                                                  Each

Medical Cards 1/4 size both sides                                                                                Per 100

Bank Challan Legal size with pad                                                                                 Each

Travelling Allowance                                                                                                    Each

Application for admission ledger Paper                                                                        Each

Mark Slip                                                                                                                      Each

School Registration Form                                                                                              Each